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I just saw this, and now I’m kicking myself for this!

Why didn’t I think of that?

Instead I’ll be making a cool cake, something like this but round, to take to the party that I’m not going to have to clean up.

We have lots of guests (’cause you can invite 5 or 15 for the same price!), and it’ll be bunches of fun!

And did I mention that I don’t have to clean up?


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Some days I wander around mumbling under my breath, “That boy is going to be the end of me!” or “That one – he’s gonna push me over the edge!” or “It must be hard to be two!”  I guess I’m going to have to get rid of that last phase though, because suddenly without warning you are three!  When asked, you tell us you are five or six…but really, you are three.  You can’t hold up three fingers very well, but I promise you are three.

I know you are three because you tell me, “I lub you,” and you still don’t mind who hears.  You also tell us that you love the color, “lellow.”  I told the big kids that they weren’t allowed to teach you any differently, so they have all started calling it, “lellow” too.  You also love Mickey Mouse, whom you affectionately call, “Stinky Mouse” and “Bob Potato,” otherwise known as Bob the Tomato.

I also know that you are three, because you have decided to give up diapers.  On your own, you have decided that you want to use the potty.  Now, I was prepared to let you wear diapers until you were 18, simply to avoid the scuffle that always happens when “potty training” occurs within one hundred miles of me…but you have managed well.  You come tell me approximately a billion times each day, “Mama, I need go pot-eee.”  So I tell you a billion times each day, “Ok, go to the bathroom!”  And you do, and you go.  It’s amazing!

I also know you are three, because you are also crazy resourceful.  If something breaks, you try to fix it…even if you shouldn’t.  If you can’t reach something, you find something to climb on to get it.  And if all else fails, you get your big sister to help!  (And she always does; she can’t resist those dimples…and that is going to be a problem someday, my little boy!)

One of my favorite things about you right now is your love for music!  Just tonight at dinner you conducted a huge symphony – with your green plastic fork and spoon!  It was delightful!  You also lay in bed every night singing every song you know until you fall into blissful sleep that I am sure is accompanied by the singing of angels!  You love to play the drums – with anything, on anything.  You can carry a tune like no kid I’ve ever heard, and your pitch is always right on.  You imitate noises at random.  Often, you ask, “Mama, what dat?  squeek, squeek, boom!”  You imitate the noise with perfect timing and pitch so often that even if I wasn’t paying attention, I can recall what you are talking about.  It’s amazing!

Speaking of amazing – you’ve figured out how to put your own socks on this week too!  Oh, happy day – you are thrilled with yourself!

And finally, I know you are three, because suddenly you don’t seem like a baby anymore.  You still have that kissable belly, but your legs are getting so long.  They carry you easily down the steps and quickly wherever you want to go.  Your face is thinning out; your cheeks are still practically edible, but you definitely look more and more like a little boy every day!  I’m thrilled for all you can do, yet it seems amazing that you were little for such a short time!

I lub you too,



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You are the child that has the responsibility of breaking me in, of showing me the ropes, of teaching me what it is to be a parent. You are the one that gives new meaning to each number.

I am shocked that you are seven, completely and utterly amazed that this new number seems so old. With it has come reading chapter books and watching television shows about countries that are worlds away. Seven has brought climbing walls, playing the piano with both hands at the same time, double digit math, and questions about evolution versus creation; seven is going to be hard on mommy’s brain!

Yet, as tired as I may be, seven is so very exciting!

  • You are confident and able – you are very sure that there is nothing you cannot do; you even are positive that you can outrun Daddy – someday he will show you otherwise, hopefully before your hypothesis is true.
  • You are creative, always inspired to do a new thing with this or that; there is no trash in our house, only material for craft projects.
  • You soak up new knowledge like a sponge, and I love that you are willing to share it with your siblings. I have thought that perhaps I would just homeschool you, and you could just teach everyone else. And I might just do it, if I didn’t mind you knowing that they will believe anything you tell them.
  • Though I will never, ever tell you this (that is until you are old enough to read this), I find it somehow endearing that although you are my oldest, it is your shirts that have the most stains. I have threatened to make you only wear white t-shirts, so I could bleach them! You said you would try harder, yet I know that no matter what I do, you will always come home with a sampling of lunch on your shirt somewhere. And you will not be bothered.
  • You are thrilled at the thought that you are now old enough to take horse-riding lessons.  You talk about them all the time, and you couldn’t wait for your first lesson.  You are enamored with their grace and beauty.  Me, I’m just in shock that I told you that yes, you can get up on one of those giant child-crushing beasts; what was I thinking!
  • You read chapter books.  That’s it.  One day you were reading teeny-tiny little beginner readers, and the next day you were reading chapter books.  We just finished week two of summer vacation, and you just finished book five of the six-book series that you got for your birthday.  And you can tell me what the books are about too!
  • You have a zoo in your room!  I told you that you could take a couple stuffed animals from the playroom back to your bedroom (where they used to live before they were banished to the playroom for fear that they would take over your entire bedroom, and you would not be able to get up on your bed at all).  I went in your room to say good-night last night, and there were no less than 16 animals in, on, and around your bed, each one lovingly placed in a sitting position.  You, my dear child, love soft things and know not the limits of the words “a couple!”

It is with great anticipation that your dad and I enter into this year of your life; we love who you are and who you are turning out to be!  Happy Birthday, Bubba!

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