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one simple mug

one packet dark chocolate hot chocolate mix

one cup almost boiling water

one giant squirt of low-fat whipped cream

one large spoonful Oreo crumbs


one delighted me


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For my birthday, Handsome took me to a store that I had been wanting to visit.  He told me that I could get a certain amount and set me free.  I was so excited and had trouble picking stuff out.  It took a long time, and he waited patiently.  Then nothing fit well.  Nothing.  I came home empty handed, though my heart was full . . . because he had picked up on the fact that I wanted to try out that particular brand and made a point to take me there to try it.

A few weeks later I still had no birthday present from him, because I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy.

Then!  I realized that my favorite socks were getting threadbare.

I went online and bought three new pairs!  I’m delighted!  I just love these socks!  They are super comfy, match everything, and have STRIPES!

(and just for the record, the people who make them have NO idea who I am – this is not an endorsement – just sharing what delights me)

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One of the things I miss most during winter is fresh fruit.  I get tired of eating oranges and last season’s apples (always seem a little bland and mushy.) Last week though we bought some apples that turned out to be really good – crisp and tart but still sweet enough.  We also had a nice pear and plump, sweet blueberries – what a delight this simple, little fruit salad was for all of us!

Was there anything that delighted you this week?

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