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So Many Funnies . . . Fishing

Over the holidays, Dimples went to the park with his brother, Grandpa, and Uncle B.

This particular park has a lake where, on nice days, many folks fish.

There is also a wooden bridge that goes across the lake.

My dad, Grandpa, told me the following story:

As my boys were crossing the bridge, running ahead of Grandpa and Uncle B, they happened upon a fisherman who had been walking across the bridge when he apparently dropped his line with the hook on the end.  The hook had fallen through the cracks of the bridge, and when he pulled the line, the hook must have stuck in the underside of the wood.

So my boys, running ahead, found this somewhat elderly gentleman down on one knee trying to unhook the bridge.

Dad saw the fisherman laugh as the boys continued on their way.  When Dad and Uncle B made it to the gentleman, still down on one knee but now chuckling as he tried to work his hook out of the underside of the bridge, the gentleman proceed to tell my dad that he had commented to my boys that he had “caught the bridge.”

And without missing a beat, my five year old happily replied, “Well, I guess it’s yours then.”

{I sure wish I could remember to write down all the funny, clever things he says!}

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. . . that I got this shot before this fast-moving kiddo moved on.

little feet

standing tall

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Best Part of My Day

I just spent a minute writing “ANDY” on the bottom of Woody’s boot.  (Think Toy Story)

Then Dimples ran downstairs to show his siblings, “Look!!! Mom wrote ‘ANDY’ on his boot!!!”

(Oh my, that I can cause that much excitement in the life of another human being with such a small gesture!)

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A Rockin’ Challenge

The Rockin' Mama Challenge

Lately it seems to me that the number of minutes in a day must be decreasing . . . or maybe it’s the number of seconds in a minute.  Either way, it is as if I blink, and an entire day has flown by.  As I type [the rough draft of] this, I am racing the clock to dinner time!

I have also been noticing that my children seem to need all my minutes, so I spend my days bouncing from the needs of one child to the needs of the next and on and on.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this mom-of-four-homeschoolers life that I have chosen . . . but it is a tad bit hectic.  And I know that some days there just isn’t enough of me to go around.  Sadly, I am going to admit to you all that I’m afraid that it is usually my youngest who doesn’t get enough of me when there’s not enough to go around.  With three older siblings, it is sometimes easy to let them help him.  I think they are all better for it . . . but I’ve been wondering if I need to set aside a little more of me for just him.

When I saw Lisa’s Challenge, I was delighted!  This is just what I need to set a new habit of BEing with my littlest one.  I always find internet accountablity a little weird, so I usually bow out of these things . . . but this time, I’m on board.

The challenge:  to spend fifteen minutes a day, rocking . . . or otherwise intentionally engaging one-on-one . . . one of your children.  There’s more about it here!  Come on, join us!  Seems like a great way to spend these cold months!

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This picture was not posed at all.  I walked into the family room and there they were – every one of them reading!  What a glorious day that was!

monsterella = mozzarella (cheese) -Dimples


And with the monster theme, we decided that if Handsome is the Tickle Monster, I must be the Tickle momster!  Ha!  I crack myself up!


“Mom, I want to be STOMP when I grow up!” – Dimples, after watching a quick video of the group that makes all kind of cool noise will kinds of stuff


At the beginning of each week, I sort of run through the list of words; if a child can tell me – off the top of her head – what a word means, she doesn’t have to define it or study it the rest of the week.  I was quizzing Gus.  Now you have to remember that this is really a brain workout for her, since she has only been speaking this language for two of her almost-eight years!  Today I got to the word “justice” on the list and said it aloud, expecting to hear something about fairness or some such.  She looked directly at me, and replied confidently, “A store!”  What could I do!  I just laughed and said, “Yup – in the mall!”

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Dimples, after a face plant at the play ground.  I felt so bad for him, but this picture totally cracks me up! (and grosses me out too!)


The “big” kids are in the kitchen teaching Dimples to say “Ethiopia.”  I wish they wouldn’t.  I rather like it that he says, “Epiopia.”

He also says “squirrels” instead of “swirls” lately, as in, “I want the cup with green squirrels on it.”

“I have a smagitto bite!” – Dimples, referring to the itchy bump on his leg

On Little Man:

“I have a little caterpillar.  He has a horn, and I’m going to call him Horny!” – Little Man, referring to the creeping thing on his hand.

(I think I said something like, “Oh, let’s call him something else, like nasty-rotten-tomato-eater.”)

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Dimples wakes up very easily in the mornings, so by the time Handsome has gotten up, shaved, and showered, Dimples is usually awake.  He lays in his bed, just waiting for Handsome to come get him and tickle him, and he is delighted every morning when Handsome does exactly that!  (Morning people – how do they do it?)

The other day, as I was trying really hard to get my head in the game and wake-up already, yet laying in bed with my eyes glued shut, Handsome walked into the boys’ room and said, “Are you awake . . . or are you sleeping?”

Dimples’ response was to yell, loud enough for the neighbors to hear, “I’m sleeping!”

I just love a little irony!


The other night at dinner, Dimples was just drumming away (with imaginary drumsticks on imaginary drums); this is a constant for him.  He is always moving to the beat, if there is any kind of music on.

I looked at him and said, “You’re going to be a drummer when you grow up.”

He thought about that for a bit, looked seriously at me, then blurted out, “No! I’m going to be Mickey Mouse!”


Today in the car:

Gus: “Me and Little Man . . .”

Little Man:  ” . . . Little Man saw a green car and we . . . ”

He talks in third person about himself and finishes her sentences for her.  I think they really might be twins, separated at birth . . . except I was there, and that didn’t happen.  Well, and they look really, really different.

Adopting out of birth order has been such a huge blessing for our family!

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