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Tis The Season

I can hear them from my post inside – working.

The laughing and screaming.

My middle two children are in the front yard with their dad, wearing their soccer jerseys from years past.  There’s a soccer ball out there among them, bouncing around at the command of bare feet.  They are dripping with sweat and red-faced.

Kids against Dad.

I’m not getting much done for all this watching out the window.

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May I

I saw them sitting on the counter; they looked so good that I just couldn’t resist.

Gardener Husband was standing right there, so I asked, “May I have one of your treasures, please?”

He looked at me funny, and I thought, “Is he going to say, ‘no?'”

Then he said, “They are your treasures.  I grow them for you!”

And then I fell in love all over again!

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I couldn’t think of the word, so I asked my husband, “What are things you pick up on a trip and bring home?”

I was looking for the word, “souvenirs.”

Here were his answers:

bed bugs

dirty laundry monsters

high cholesterol

an over-sized waistline

He thinks he’s funny.

(This time I do too!)

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Just Another Reason…

I loose my husband.

A lot.

Especially in the summer.

Just a bit ago, he was in the kitchen.  I knew he was in the kitchen.  I went to the other room to do a bit of work.  When I came back to the kitchen, he was gone.


I looked.

When I found him, he was out in the garden, tending to the strawberry plants that I wanted.  Quietly, without being asked or even prompted, he sees to it that the green things I want and buy and start from seed continue to grow.  He knows that follow-through is not my strong suit, and that if left with only me the green things would surely turn brown and wilt and eventually die.  He knows that I forget to water and weed and harvest.  He knows that the plants shudder with fear when they see me coming.

He calms them.  He makes sure they get the water they need, and he tends to them daily.  Because of my husband we will eat many sorts of wonderful things from our garden this summer, and our flower beds and pots will overflow with blooms.

And that is just another reason I am so very thankful for this man that is my husband!

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