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And She Shall Be Called Gus

One of the first things we learned about Y was that she has this really high, soft voice.  She has to practically yell at me sometimes for me to hear…and it is still a whisper!  But when she laughs, watch out!  That laugh comes from somewhere big deep down inside that little body.  Her laughter is deep, rolling, fun, and terribly infectious.  She also has this funny little giggle that comes out whenever she is embarrassed or being tickled.  So.much.fun!

She hadn’t been here long before I started calling her “Giggly Gus.”

When I told her that we would call her that all the time, she would tell me, “NO!”  Then she would giggle.

Recently though, she has taken to the name and even sometimes calls herself “Giggly Gus.”  I guess when your sister’s name is Bubba, Gus sounds perfectly okay!

From here on, our Y shall be called Gus.


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This morning you wanted me to read more from our Bible Reader.  I did, and you still wanted more.

You wanted me to read more from Wild Places; I did, and you still wanted more.

Again, you wanted me to read more when I read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; again, I did, but you still wanted more.

[We are now at least a day ahead in every book of our “school” reading.]

We went to the library; you were excited about going and not just because it was your turn to check out a puppet.

When we got home, we sat down to read a few fairy tales and The Very Quiet Cricket; you wanted me to read more.

You colored extra on your worksheet today, because you wanted to.  You wanted to color, and you wanted to do it neatly.


Little victories each one, yet they feel huge from this vantage point.

These victories encourage me to keep going, keep teaching, keep encouraging, and they give you courage and the will to do better!

These victories, they let me know that you understand what I am reading, you are engaged by the stories, and you are finally enjoying this thing that used to be an exercise in patience!  They let me know that you see the value in what you are learning and want to do more, learn more, experience more.  They let me know that you are somehow finally feeling secure in this place that you call home yet hasn’t always felt so.

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